Judy Wolfe is a mother, feminist, teacher, dog lover, patriot, and a lover of culture and art.

Dear Rev. Franklin Graham:

I just read a statement from you on your Facebook page where you say you will pray for our healing because progressives are so angry. Your next post suggests that Watergate was because the Democrats hated Nixon. Whoa, I have to comment.

First, Rev. Graham, you really should not post until you calm down – I remember in 2015 when you said you wanted to be independent because of the budget, and then just a few years later you were supporting Donald Trump with gusto, albeit in the name of God.

Let’s talk reality. Earlier this week, one white middle class man took a big giant hit, and a team of white men (and one woman), perhaps a nation, are now very frightened.

But we, the progressives, remember that since Nov. 8, many people have been living in fear. People of color, people of faith (other than Christians), LGBTQ, Latinos, Hispanics, people with special needs, people of the First Nation, women, and don’t forget all of those children and seniors standing outside the JCC’s in response to unending bomb scares.

We have been assaulted, bullied, ridiculed, marginalized and yes, killed.

So many of us, yes me included, live a life of fear. We wake up …breathe in and then hold our breath until we return safely home, and even then, we sleep with one eye opened, contemplating if it is safe enough ever to really go to sleep.

So, Rev. Graham, you want to assign blame. I blame our President. I blame his advisors Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Paul Manifort, and you. I blame the radio shows, the trollers, the fundraisers, the political PACs, Fox News, Breitbart and the godless people producing and disseminating incendiary stories and theories filled with twists, distortions, half-truths and lies.

At its core, this disinformation is an effort to build allegiance through an “us versus them mentality.” I blame them for spewing this concentrated rhetoric that frightens the masses, so they become malleable. It is filled with fear and buoyed with hate, and if not too different than the distorted nasty preaching I have heard come from your mouth. Once you scare them, you can side with them, and then control them. I was an art history minor and I know that the point of so many artworks during the Renaissance was to get them in the church and blow them away with fear and awe, and then demand allegiance for salvation.

And low and behold it is working. Folks who might never have been bigots are enjoying the comradery of a national bullying campaign. They are having fun hunting down the “libtards” and the “others” all in the name of God.

And…what do you expect the hunted to do? Do you expect them to simply go way back in the closet and hide? Well some will; I do most days. But some—the angriest, the most harassed, the ones with nothing to lose—will do unto you what you have done unto to others. Yes, Rev. Graham, as you lamented today, a world where there is “an eye for an eye.”

Now sir, my American friends are all afraid. We are all living in an unstable world. I will not accept your blame. I throw that baggage back to you and your kind.

I expect they will use this event to take our freedom, tomorrow or next week, in the name of safety. Taking our freedom will not stabilize the world. I call you out on the fact that YOU and your evil people created this world of hate and unrest, and I know that YOU cannot fix it even with everything you have and certainly not with your micro-aggressive prayers.

Step aside haters, I say let the people fix this. Mothers, start teaching understanding, start teaching love, start teaching that we are all in this together. Fathers, teach your children to believe that we are our brother and sister’s keeper, and that we can and we will make a better tomorrow for all people. And voters, vote, every last “blessed” one of you. This is our country. Fill it with love. It will take multitudes to transform this acculturated hate, but we are multitudes. We were 52 percent of the electorate on Nov. 8; who knows how many of us there are now.

Rev. Graham, I believe that we are here to repair the world, and my God expects me to take an active role in doing just that. According to my faith, my actions, not my prayers, are holy. You see, my faith calls for me to have an aspiration to behave and act constructively and bear responsibility not only for my own moral, spiritual and material welfare, but also for the welfare of society at large.

So, Rev. Graham, I return your prayers to you. I am praying and working as hard as I can for us all.

Noam Chomsky says: “If you assume that there is no hope, you guarantee that there will be no hope. If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are opportunities to change things, then there is a possibility that you can contribute to making a better world.”

And if you want scripture:

  • Proverbs 14:31, 22:9,
  • Luke 6:37-42;
  • James 5:1-6
  • Timothy 6:17-19
  • Deuteronomy 10: 19
  • Leviticus 19:34
  • Matthew 5:43-44; 7:1-5, 12:36-37, 25:35-40
  • Romans 13:10
  • Hebrews 13: 1

Faithfully yours,

A proud and faithful Libtard