Respect, Integrity, Strength, Equality


RISE Together North Carolina is a grassroots, nonpartisan organization advancing civic engagement, education, and community.


RISE Together North Carolina empowers citizens and promotes democratic principles to advocate for a more just and equitable society. To achieve its mission, RISE advances work in the following areas:

  • Civic Engagement and Education
    • Expanding participation in all areas of state political life — helping citizens understand the political process, engage with elected representatives, and understand their role in political life.
    • Building community — encouraging citizens of North Carolina to serve as catalysts in local communities by: sharing information, organizing events, and connecting to other local organizations.  
  • Promoting Democratic Principles
    • Ensuring free and fair elections — removing barriers to voting and ensuring transparency.
    • Ensuring Freedom of Speech and Press — advocating for  media sources that   provide accurate information to the citizens of North Carolina.
  • Pursuit of social justice for all
    • Remove barriers that people face because of race, ethnicity, gender identity,religion, age or disability.


  • Oppose national/statewide policies seeking to harm people, the planet, and our democracy.
    • Use RISE NC membership network across social media platforms to respond  immediately to important advocacy needs.
    • Create and coordinate Working Groups and Rapid Response Teams that will produce digital, print, and in-person civic engagement  methods and materials.
    • Build RISE NC email/telephone/text contact network to quickly respond to harmful policies.
  • Support progressive efforts in the NC General Assembly
    • Promote our positions in legislation and candidates :
    • Identify the most important statewide races needed to balance the NC legislature identify, mentor, and support candidates, via a process not tied to political party but wholly to policies and actions.
    • Locate, mentor, and support women and minority candidates. Foster these candidates in important local offices. Ensure that no candidate for NCGA runs unopposed.
    • Use volunteers to register, educate, and get out the vote.
  • Support non-partisan redistricting to end gerrymandering
    • Develop and disseminate educational/training materials with the goal of educating the general public
    • Engage in targeted social media campaigns with the aim of encouraging dialogue and influencing legislators.
    • Contribute to fundraising efforts to support groups taking legal action to redistrict fairly.
  • Providing educational training for RISE members across the State
    • Provide teach-in sessions on understanding the legislative process at the local, state, and national level.
    • Distribute materials on understanding key issues at state and national level.
    • Engage RISE members in informative sessions on media literacy (beginning and advanced).

Contact us today and join the effort to build a government that represents us all.

RISE Together NC has 14 regional chapters all over the state, for more information on a local chapter near you click on the map. To start a chapter in your area please contact us for more information.

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Contact Information

RISE Together NC
PO Box 52474
Durham, NC 27717-2474

Phone: 984-212-4109

email: risetogethernc@gmail.com